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Mountain bike trails are the key to youth

We believe that mountain bike trails for all skill levels should be built to a standard that allows for safe and progressive riding.   Correct trail design and construction of features, tread, back slope and out slope are imperative not only for safety, but flow, correct drainage, eco friendly and a trails ability to withstand use and nature.

How can we help

Trial Consulting/ Design

From private land to state parks, we have helped design trails for all level riders. Its important to take in consideration water flow, topography, current trail system, soil in which trail is being built and skill level of the riders the trail is intended for.

Do you have a piece of land, local park or business that would benefit or wants a new trail or feature, please contact us.  we would love to talk

Feature/Trail building

Single track, Tech, Climb, flow, machine built jump trails.  Whatever your needs are we have you covered.  Our trail building experience of 15 yrs has given us the knowledge to build in any condition.   From hand built backyard pump tracks to mountain bike park flow lines The Shred Academy can help


We would love to help you or your favorite riding spot grow.


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