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How we got here

The Back story

Dusty started biking at the early age of 4.  Building bikes and jumps took ahold at a early age.  The movie "Rad"  and "The dirt bike kid" shaped his childhood and directed where adult hood might be heading. 

Dusty's love for adventure and mountains lead him to Telluride, Colorado, it was there that he discovered Downhill MTB.  With support of friends and family Dusty embarked on a journey committed to turning "PRO".  In 2017 Dusty started his racing career, starting off as a CAT 2 Downhill racer hoping to work through the ranks.  Dusty caping off his first season with the Win at nationals. His first season in Cat 1 was filled with nothing but wins in the ESC,  not to mention placing third at nationals. In his third year racing Dusty got his Pro license and got picked up by Canefield brothers bikes among other companies.  In the next 6 years he placed in the top 5 every season in the Eastern states Cup, as well as stood on the podium at numerous national events.  In his pursuit dusty traveled every winter to train for the upcoming season.  In 2019 he came to florida because of posts he saw of trails at Alafia State Park.  It was on second visit to florida that he came up with the idea to build "the swamp gap" and the "Stardust Drop".  Dusty fell in love with the florida MTB community and its enthusiasm for sending it. He also saw a need for access to affordable MTB coaching backed by real experience.  In 2019 Dusty held his first MTB clinic and The Shred Academy was born.   In 2020 covid rocked the country and made racing pretty difficult.  With life comes change, focus was shifted away from racing and focused on trial building and coaching.

Building trails like "cannon Ball" and "Tortes and the Hare" as well as coaching led to bigger opportunities to build trials. In 2022 Dusty spent a year building a teaching at Jarrods Place in GA.  Again as life does, opportunity presents itself and one either accepts it or one stays stagnant.  That brings us to know, thanks to Tito and Raul of BIKEBOX, Dusty is able to 100% focus on MTB coaching.  Whether it be first time riders looking to build a solid foundation of skills or advanced riders.  Everything from, jumps, drops, tech, corners and even MTB trip guiding. 

Dusty loves to ride and even more share his love for riding,  never hesitate to say hi on the trails or where ever you might see him.

The Shred Academy's Goal

The Shred academy believes in providing students with strong core fundamentals and knowledge can lead to more fun and bigger sends.  To build safe sustainable trials that are built specifically for mountain bikes and progression.

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