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      -Body Position  -Flat corners  -Bunny Hops  -Flat Drops  -Jumps              & a new skill every month

-Terms and Explanations anyone can understand

-Video examples with  explinations

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-Bunny Hops
-Body Position


Youth Summer Session

Monday/Wednesday: Beginners 9am-12pm

To be covered: Core bike handling skills - Trail safety/ Etiquette - Rider      camaraderie - Games/ races Prizes


Tuesday/Thursday: Advanced riders 9am-12pm

To be covered:  Jumps - Drops - Cornering - Technical terrain Games/Races  Prizes

June 2024 -4 weeks -$200 a week

Dustin Mason

Dustin has been Chasing the Bike life for over 20 years.  Starting out building dirt jumps in his parents back yard led to a passion for trail building and racing bikes.  He has raced all over the country from the Kamikaze Games at Mammoth Mountain, Pajarito New Mexico, Bootleg cannon, Virgin Utah too the "Eastern states cup race" events at Killington VT, Attitash Mn, Mountain creek NJ and more.  He has built trails at Bike parks such as Jarrods Place, Charlottesville Va and has built at your favorite florida bike parks.   He is responsible for the "SWAMP GAP', Moonscape entrance drop at Alafia,  Cannon ball Run at Carter Rd as well as Tortoise and the hare where also built by Dustin.  Combining his love for the sport and wanting to pass on the knowledge he as gained over the past 20+ years led to the formation of a Florida based Mountian bike skill building business, The shred Academy.

Skills coaching for any level

Build Confidence through knowledge


Private lessons 

$130 per rider

Mechanic Classes

$50 hr


Private Group Clinics
3-10 people

starts @ $110 per rider

Public Clinics 

$100 per rider

Shockwiz Suspension Tuning

 $60 Per shock 1hr

Trail building, Design and 

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 7.28_edited.jpg

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain

Cornering for all levels


Building for the future

trail consulting, design and building

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